Hello Kitty

Naoshi flew over to Los Angeles, California to participate in the Sanrio 50th Anniversary Event “Small Gift LA (11/12/2010 through 11/21/2010.)
The first picture above are of her works commissioned by and made special for Sanrio. This time she chose the queen of Sanrio, Hello Kitty, in her works. All three pieces can be described as cute, shiny, and surreal- a style that Naoshi has become well known for. Despite owning this style, Naoshi does an amazing job of always keeping it fresh.

On the 13th, she instructed her first overseas Sunae painting workshop as part of the Sanrio event. This cute video above which Naoshi and her friends made titled, “How to Make Sunae” walks you through the steps of well,,, how to make sunae! This will give you a basic idea of what you would have learned from Naoshi if you were at the workshop. Try it at home!

“I was a little scared of the outcome because my day started out with me running to the store in tears. I forgot to bring a bunch of supplies I needed for the workshop! I ended up enjoying the workshop though, and being able to see everybody having lots of fun making their own sunae Hello Kitty put a big big smile on my face. I would definitely love to do more sunae workshops in 2011!” -Naoshi


2011年11月12日~11月21日にLos Angelesで開催されたサンリオ50周年記念イベント『Small Gift LA』に参加してきました。




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