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The V&A Museum in London will be hosting Japanese fashion designer, Yohji Yamamoto’s first major solo show in the UK. The show will be an installation-based retrospective, showcasing over 80 women’s and menswear garments which are most representative of his work. The main exhibition space is scheduled to house his creations and a multi-media timeline which reveals Yamamoto’s wider creative output. The exhibition’s core will be housed in Gallery 38 with several satellite installations throughout the V&A and at the Wapping Project.

“The Victoria and Albert Museum presents one of the most influential and enigmatic fashion designers of the last forty years, Yohji Yamamoto. Yamamoto is a visionary designer who has made a vital contribution to fashion, challenging traditional norms of clothing with his avant-garde style. Fabric, he said, ‘is everything’. This deep interest in textiles is at the heart of his approach to design. Yamamoto became internationally renowned in the early eighties for challenging traditional notions of fashion by designing garments that seemed oversized, unfinished, played with ideas of gender or fabrics not normally used in fashionable attire such as felt or neoprene. Other works revealed Yamamoto’s unusual pattern cutting, knowledge of fashion history and sense of humour. His work is characterised by a frequent and skillful use of black, a color which he describes as ‘modest and arrogant at the same time’.” -V&A

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Yohji Yamamoto(山本耀司)のUKでの初メジャーソロエキシビションが、2011年3月12日から7月10日の間、ヴィクトリア&アルバート博物館(V&A Museum)で行われます。インスタレーションの数多いエキシビションの中には、”Yohji Yamamoto” Men’sとWomen’sコレクションから80昨以上、代表作が展示される予定です。UKにいる方は是非お越しになって下さい。


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