Holographic virtual idol in Japan performs live!

Miku Hatsune is a Vocaloid (Vocal + Android) and idol character created by Crypton Future Media to market their software package built on Yamaha’s synthesized vocal technology. This technology allows virtually anyone make Miku sing any lyrics on any melody using a computer. There have been thousands of songs made by fans and some of her songs have been featured as anime openings. All over Youtube and now featured on recent news, Miku and her virtual idol friends have taken their next big step into the real world as their 3-D holographic images perform sold out concerts in Japan.

As you can see in the video, the fans just loooove her as they all sing along waving their glow sticks. Is it her sweet vocaloid voice that makes her so popular? her catchy melodies? her 16 year-old physique fans now see in 3-D …? (according to her profile on Crypton’s website, she is 16 and I assume she doesn’t age) Who knows, and whatever it is, she has the formula down to the pixel.

Otakus from the rest of the world have already picked up on Miku’s charm. To give you an idea of her growing international fan-base, she has over 44,000 people following her on Facebook with a petition going around on the web to bring Miku Hatsune on a World Tour.

My opinion is that I think this is what the Otaku community has been long waiting for. I mean, who needs virtual pop groups like AKB48 when you have an eternally young Miku? I know a few hardcore Otakus in Japan, and they are not too keen on well, reality including humans of the opposite sex. “We like to keep it as virtual as possible,” one of the guys told me. In fact, as I was writing this post, I remembered one of these guys let me listen to a track he made using the Miku Hatsune package on his ipod several years ago. I bet he’s thrilled.

But all jokes aside, it is amazing to see what technology is capable of and that as a result of this technology Miku may become, if she isn’t already the most internationally recognized pop idol to come out of Japan.


バーチャル・シンガー『初音ミク』は、キュートなキャラクターでもあるが、本来は声優「藤田 咲」さんの声を元に作り上げられた、ボーカル・アンドロイド=Vocaloid。Yamahaのテクノロジーにより、自宅のコンピューターでもアイドル歌手をプロデュースできるのがコンセプト。どんな歌詞もメロディも、自由自在に操れ「初音ミク」に歌ってもらうことができるパワフルなソフトです。最近のニュースに取り上げられているのは他のボーカロイドと共にパフォーマンスをするホログラム・ライブ。コンサートは大人気でチケットはすぐ売り切れるらしい。まだ見てなかったら↑にビデオがあります。



日本の素晴らしい文化の一部としてアニメ、ゲーム、マンガなどは堂々と誇り持つべき物だとは思うし、ミクさんも応援してます。しかし、Made with Japanとしてはもっと日本の違うとこも見て欲しい。まだ知られてない日本の良さを分かってもらいたい。そのために我々は頑張ります。


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