Masashi Kawamura – Typeface Silhouette ‘T’ shirts 川村真司 – タイプフェイスをモティーフにした‘T’ shirts

‘T’ shirts by Masashi Kawamura and Itaru Yonenaga
Masashi Kawamura in collaboration with Itaru Yonenaga from Osaka-based fashion brand, No Control Air, creates ‘T’ shirts, a line of t-shirts literally designed to have the silhouette of 5 famous typefaces; Cooper, Helvetica, Courier, Caslon, and Baskerville. Masashi was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1979, was raised in San Francisco, and is a currently working in New York as a creative art director. He shares some of his thoughts about the project:

In the world of typography, terms such as typeface, character, body, etc are used to describe the form of a letter. The reason why they use expressions closely related to a human body, is perhaps because each different letter has a distinct quality and personality, in a similar way that us humans are all unique.

In the designing process of these shirts, I aimed to capture the character of each typeface and tried to give them a unique look and presence once worn. By collaborating with Itaru Yonenaga, I feel we were able to produce a collection of shirts that is not only conceptual, but wearable as real clothes. I hope you will find your favorite shirt/typeface. – Masahi Kawamura

What a beautiful way to bring typography and fashion together! Everybody has probably seen a typeface motif print t-shirt over the years, but Masashi Kawamura and Itaru Yonenaga did one heck of an amazing job taking typography off the two-dimensional plane and bringing it to life. We look forward to seeing these silhouettes receive worldwide recognition once they are available for sale from No Control Air in January 2011. All the ‘T’ Shirts for Women come in a one size medium and the guys can rock the Helvetica in a Men’s medium. For those who cannot wait until January and are twitching to put in the order, Masashi Kawamura kindly put up a price list and order form for download on his website.

Made with Japan currently works on our next t-shirt collection, and we hope to create new works as inspiring as Masashi’s ‘T’ shirts.

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My personal favorite was Cooper. What’s yours?

Masashi Kawamura
Itaru Yonenaga / No Control Air

川村真司 x No Control Airのコラボ「‘T’ shirts」

川村真司(かわむら・まさし)と大阪ベースのファッションブランド「No Control Air」の米永至(よねなが・いたる)がコラボレーションしたTシャツコレクション。5つのフォントCooper, Helvetica, Courier, Caslon, Baskervilleからアルファベット”T”のフォルムをモティーフにしたシルエットはどれもかっこう良く仕上がった上着心地も良さそうです。川村真司の奇策な発想とコンセプトを実用的なファッションアイテムにした米永至も、この二人だったからこそできた作品だと感ます。なんて素晴らしいファッションとタイポグラフィーの合流!

2011年一月に「No Control Air」で発売されたらもっと注目されて欲しいアイテムです。レディースは全作Mサイズ。Helveticaだけは特別にメンズのMサイズも制作されてます。今直ぐ注文入れたい方は川村真司さんのウェブサイトでオーダー表がダウンロード可。

Made with Japanは次のプリントTシャツコレクションに向けて頑張っていますが、川村真司さんのようなインスピレーションが湧く作品を目指して行きたいです。

次のページ(”T” shirtコレクションの写真を見る)

米永至 / No Control Air

Typeface: Cooper 4452 pt
Model: Mandy Harris

Typeface: Helvetica 2852 pt
Model: Maja Folgero

Typface: Courier 3100 pt
Model: Kana Kimura

Typeface: Caslon 2940 pt
Model: Toshka Kroshka

Typeface: Baskerville 3980 pt
Model: Heidi Hackemer
All Photos (Source:

CREDITS: Concept & design:

Masashi Kawamura

Production & design: Itaru Yonenaga / No Control Air


Models: Mandy Harris(Cooper) Maja Folgero(Helvetica) Heidi Hackemer(Baskerville) Kana Kimura(Courier)

Toshka Kroshka(Caslon)

Munetaka Tokuyama (

Hair styling:
Takahide Tokuyama

Make up:
Chichi Saito (

Exhibition space:
Now Idea / Utrecht (

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