At Nincompoop Capacity store in Harajuku. I visited Hashio and Take to get an inside look at their underground street fashion brand. You can view pictures of their cool clothing and the interview here. Thanks again Nincompoop!

In front of the popular department store, Laforet Harajuku. While walking back home after the interview, I ran into a Japanese friend of mine whom I met in the U.S.  What a pleasant surprise! to say the least.

While running all over the place in Tokyo for the day, I stop for a quick bite at a yakitori stand. Yakitori is skewered chicken often cooked over a charcoal grill. Us Japanese eat many parts of the chicken such as the heart, gizzards, tail, cartilage. It may sound weird if you’ve never tried it, but they are all very tasty. Comes soy glazed (like teriyaki) or salted.
Ate so fast couldn’t even take a picture of it. The red glow of the paper lanterns adds a nice color to the streets of Tokyo.

A quick stop at a manga kissa (manga cafe) in Shinjuku because I needed to use the internet. These manga cafes are all over the place in Japan. These spots offer all the manga you need, internet access, food and beverage. Many even offer shower rooms and a stay overnight plan.

Shibuya right before 5 AM. These people are here because they were partying the night and are waiting for the trains to start service again.

Yup, this is that famous scramble crosswalk of Shibuya in front of Hachiko square you see in the media all the time. Since there are a gazillion pictures and videos of this place when it’s packed, I thought I would share one when it’s empty.

Good morning Harajuku. I walk home through Takeshita Doori. By noon, this street will be packed with shoppers and people hanging out until the end of the day.

To be continued…

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