The purpose of our photo diary is to share our snapshots. This first series features my visit to Japan during Fall 2010. Enjoy!

Looking out into Harajuku/Omotesando and Meiji Jingu Shrine in Tokyo. One of the cool things about the concrete labyrinth of Tokyo are the large patches of greenery which can be enjoyed at parks and Shinto shrines where people can go picnicking or take a stroll.

In this area, you will be pleased to find arguably, the best shopping in the world.  Find anything from the cheap and funky fashion items, small underground fashion boutiques, large fast fashion stores, to the international luxury brands. The area is also known as the breeding ground for Tokyo street fashion and youth culture. If you ever come across a Tokyo street fashion snap, chances are they were taken on one of the streets here. The kids here really know how to mix up styles and get away with looking good!

I step out into the city where I browse around a few stores before reuniting with friends from my high-school days. We went to four spots for yummy eats and drinks that night. You can enjoy pretty much any type of cuisine imaginable in Tokyo. However, an Izakaya (Japanese style bar/restaurant) is the most common destination for most Japanese people if you want to eat and drink. There are many different kinds of izakayas in Japan, but they in general known to host a friendly atmosphere where food is quick, cheap, and tasty. The pictures above were taken at an izakaya specialized in serving fresh fish. How the food tasted? I’ll let the picture do the talking.

People in Tokyo typically like to go out whether it be to meet good ol’ friends, new people, loved ones, or the infamous “after-work-party,” a corporate custom which is considered to be a way for workers and their bosses to bond after office hours. Although this culture has taken a calming compared to the 80’s and early 90’s, you’ll still see many of these groups in suits pouring each other beer or sake.

We top the night off with the karaoke! These places are always fun to go to with friends. Many are open 24/7 and will serve you snacking food and drinks. We sang the night away in the black light illuminated private disco until everyone was satisfied . It doesn’t matter if you’re good or suck at singing. Just have fun!

Outside, we found a drunk salaryman out cold on the street. Oh wait, false alarm. That’s my buddy. Although my friend has a bad habit of pretending to be one when the night progresses, the rumors you may have heard about this actually happening are true. When you spot one, don’t panic because he or she (usually a he) is most likely not dead. Please leave them alone unless you think that life may be in danger, which if that is the case you can find a police officer to take care of the situation.

Anyways, Tokyo’s nightlife offers more than any socialite or party animal can handle really. There’s something exciting to do every night of the week if time and money permits!


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