FRAMED Digital Art Display and Marketplace Video


The team at Tha Ltd., a creative interactive design studio based in Tokyo, released an interesting product called FRAMED. FRAMED is not merely a display panel to show art. This 55″ High Definition LED display panel comes equipped with a  2.3 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, built-in HD camera, stereo speakers and high definition microphone for interactivity. According to Tha Ltd. FRAMED “Is a new category of interior device which allows digital art to illuminate the space with ease of hanging a painting or an art piece” and “a platform for new art forms”. FRAMED GALLERY, an online marketplace for FRAMED allows owners of the device to instantly purchase and collect exclusive artwork from artists around the world.  The FRAMED display costs about ¥1.2 million JPY (over $14,000 USD) while each interchangeable piece of art being around $300 USD, depending on the piece.

Here’s a video from CSCOUT showing a demo of FRAMED.

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