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Overview of the Earthquake

  • On 3.11.2011 an insurmountable earthquake of magnitude 9.0 hits the northeast shore of Japan.
  • The fourth largest earthquake in the world, the largest one yet in Japan.
  • The earthquake was followed by a tsunami, hundreds of aftershocks, and a nuclear crisis at hand due to damaged nuclear reactors in Fukushima.
  • The death-count and number of people missing exceeds 27,000.
  • Damage estimates up to $309 billion, the largest ever caused by a natural disaster.

We would like to express our deepest condolences to those who have been taken by this disaster. We hope that those who survived will be strong enough to carry on with the reconstruction of Japan. In this time of need, we established Art Drive Japan to stand by these people to help restore their well-being and their communities.

What is Art Drive Japan charity art auction?

Art Drive Japan is an online auction of work donated by artists from around the world, joining hands to contribute to the relief and recovery efforts in Japan. By purchasing our creations, you are joining us and many others in our cause.

Art Drive Japan was established to encourage continued support for the earthquake-tsunami victims. The funds raised will help the physical recovery over the coming months and years. In addition, your participation will send a very positive message to the people of Japan, letting them know that the world continues to cheer for them.

100% of the proceeds (final sales minus transaction fees) will be donated to the Japan NGO Earthquake Relief and Recovery Fund administered by JCIE Japan Center for International Exchange (JCIE/USA) to help Japan recover from the catastrophic earthquake that took place on March 11, 2011.

Please visit our Art Drive Japan charity art auction website here.

If you are interested in donating your artwork to our online auction, details and ways to donate can be found here.


Art Drive Japanは、2011年3月11日に日本を襲った未曾有の東北関東大震災で被災された方々を応援しようという、アーティストたちによるオンラインオークションです。私たちの作品をお買い上げいただくことで、被災地の支援につながります。
売り上げは、クレジットカード決済の手数料を除いて、日本国際交流センター(JCIE)が設立した「東日本大震災 NGO支援国際基金」を通じて、全て被災地に義捐金として寄付いたします。

Art Drive Japanの任務

Art Drive Japanの目的は、2011年3月11日に起こった東北関東大震災で被害に遭われた方々のために、義捐金を送ることです。日本の記録では史上最大規模と なるマグニチュード9.0という大地震は、戦後もっとも大きな災害となりました。日本政府やメディアは既に、多数の被災者、また経済への打撃を報告してい ます。今後、日本に住む皆さんが、被災地復興に向けて強い力を発揮できることを祈っています。

未曾有の大災害が起こってしまった今、私たちは被災地の方々を応援するため、”ART DRIVE JAPAN”を立ち上げました。


Art Drive Japanのオークションにご興味をお持ちいただいた方は、Art Drive Japanのウェブサイトをご覧になって下さい。


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