Artwork by: Yoriko Yoshida

While I was flipping through the pamphlet for the Tokyo Graphic Passport 2010 exhibition in October, I came across an interesting artist. Her name is Yoriko Yoshida and her concept according to the website is, “Producing Art Works based on the concept of 「艶やか-ADEYAKA」(It means “sensual”) vigorously.-In an attempt to visualize the Asian Culture, mixed with Japaneas culture, Chinese culture and more.” Unfortunately, I couldn’t make her days at the show, but found a lot of amazing work on her website and thought I would share with you.

An amazing feat of Yoriko is her discipline and diligence as an artist, which is evident by looking at the amount of work she has up- an astonishing 1460 works and counting up. Since beginning back in 2007, Yoriko has been updating her website with one artwork every day.

Made with Japan picked up her Asialphabet series, which consists of the roman alphabet drawn out of elements from Japanese culture. So when you’re ready to begin, we will walk you through Yoriko Yoshida’s Asialphabet.

アジアをテーマでイラストレーションを描く、吉田 依子氏による、「アジアルファベット」は日本文化のモチーフをアルファベットに描いたあるプァベットです。彼女はGraphic Passport Exhibition 2010のパンフレットで発見しました。私がGraphic Passportへ行った日はグループが入れ代わっていて、作品実物は見れなかったのが残念でしたが、これがきっかけで、吉田さんのウェブサイト「Yoriko Yoshi Workbook」 を伺いました。驚いたのが、企画として2007年から1日1枚、1年365枚アートをサイトに更新し続けている事。この中で発見したのがAsialphabetのシリーズ。日本の伝統といえるアイテムがアルファベットの形に見えるように描いてあって、かわいいです。

A is for Akita – a Japanese dog breed
A is for あきた

B is for Bonsai – Japanese art form using miniature trees grown in containers
B is for ぼんさい

C is for Chanoyu – Japanese tea ceremony
C is for ちゃのゆ

D is for Dashi – Japanese soup stock
D is for だし

E is for Ekiden – Long distance relay race. Originally refered to a post-horse or stagecoach which transmitted communication by stages
E is for えきでん

F is for Futon – Japanese style mattress
F is for ふとん

G is for Geta – Japanese where these clogs/sandals
G is for げた

H is for Haiku – Japanese poetry in three phrases of 5, 7, and 5 moras.
H is for はいく

I is for Ikebana – Japanese art of flower arrangement
I is for いけばな

J is for Judo – Japanese martial art and sport created in 1882 by Dr Kano Jigoro
J is for じゅうどう

K is for Karaoke – Pop song minus vocals to sing along and be  star in front of your friends!
K is for からおけ

L is for Loose socks – Style of baggy socks worn by Japanese high school girls.
L is for るーず・そっくす

M is for Manga – Japanese comic
M is for まんが

N is for Ninja – Masters of espionage, sabotage, infiltration, and assassination.
N is for にんじゃ

O is for Origami – Japanese art of paper folding.
O is for おりがみ

P is for Pachinko – Gaming device that looks like a pinball machine, but for gambling.
P is for ぱちんこ

R is for Rakugo – Japanese verbal entertainment by storytelling.
R is for らくご

S is for Soba – Japanese buckwheat noodles.
S is for そば

T is for Takarazuka – Japanese all-female musical theater group is from Takarazuka, Hyogo Prefecture.
T is for たからずか

U is for Urushi – Lacquer art using toxic sap from urushi trees. Oil from urushi is the oil found in poison ivy that cases a rash.
U is for うるし

V is for Visual-kei – Japanese rock movement. (A mixture of heavy metal, goth, glam rock, and pop) pioneered by groups such as X Japan and Luna Sea)
V is for びじゅあるけい

W is for Waraji – Sandals made from straw rope. Traditionally the standard footwear for Japanese.
W is for わらじ

Y is for Yakitori – Skewered chicken grilled over charcoal.
Y is for やきとり

Z is for Zen – Meditate and get enlightened.
Z is for ぜん

Now I know my abc’s next time won’t you sing with me ♪ (Sorry, no Q or X)

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