Alain is a calligrapher based in Tokyo, Japan. Growing up in Okinawa, he learned the traditional ways of Japanese calligraphy known as “shodo.” One of the principles (and beauties) of shodo is that one has only a single shot when writing on the washi paper with a brush loaded with sumi ink. There is no way to touch up the brush stokes later so it can be said that the end result represents the calligrapher’s state of mind at that moment. This stems from the teachings of Zen Buddhism, stressing connection to the spiritual rather than the physical and requires one to have a clear mind to let the brush strokes flow naturally.

While Alain is deeply rooted in this traditional discipline of shodo, many of his works also demonstrate unconventional ways of using this traditional style of calligraphy. One of his current goals is demonstrate that shodo is fun, and that there are different approaches one can make to a traditional style. While you’ll see him paint live at events and holding solo exhibitions around Tokyo as a calligrapher, you might also be able to catch him on a billboard in Shibuya or in various fashion magazines as he is also a popular men’s fashion model.

Alain recently created a new website where you can view some of his work.


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